Transaction Lifecycle

Navigate to the Stellar Laboratory Transaction Builder through the following URL:

Building a Transaction

Building a transaction on the Stellar network involves two main elements: a source account, which will generate and sign the transaction, and an operation, which defines the action you wish to carry out.

  1. Source Account:

    • This is the account from which the transaction will be generated and that will sign the transaction.

    • It's crucial to Fetch next sequence number for the source account ID provided. This sequence number is required for each new transaction.

  2. Operation:

    • Operations represent various types of commands that can be executed on the Stellar network (e.g., Change Trust, Make Payment, Manage Data, etc.).

    • Each operation type requires different parameters that need to be set.

After assembling the source account and operation details, the transaction needs to be signed using the private key of the source account ID provided.

Signing a Transaction

Signing a transaction is a mandatory step for the successful execution of the transaction on the blockchain.

  1. We sign the transaction using the private key of the source account ID provided while building the transaction.

  2. After signing, the transaction is ready to be submitted to the blockchain using the transaction submitter.

Submitting a Transaction

The Submit Transaction tab submits the signed transaction to the blockchain.

  1. After clicking the Submit Transaction button, you will receive a response indicating success or failure.

  2. If successful, the transaction has been added to the blockchain.

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